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Welcome to the Zhenjiang Star Group Liaison Web Site
  We, Zhenjiang Star Group, are a Chinese Government International Trading company established in 1992. We provide start-to-finish production outsourcing through China’s industrial network. In China, you will benefit from massive economy and technical expertise. We specialize in tailoring manufacturing to the customer’s needs;, making your products to your specifications. Chinese technology has rapidly evolved in quality and range. Engineering expertise has grown, as has an appreciation for the requirements and demands of the international market. Now as the world’s leading industrial power, companies’ first choice for production is China.
  Zhenjiang Star Group has vast and detailed production experience. We have managed the production of a huge range of products, in metals, electronics equipment, machinery and high-technology; textiles, household goods and toys. Our factories are chosen by their records of success with international products. They provide expertise in advanced technology, with severe quality control, and attractive and competitive costs. We have exporting experience throughout the world, with offices in the EU Japan and Shanghai. With this experience we offer advice on product development and ensure that products are manufactured to the required standard of their market.  
  Zhenjiang Star Group, to make that essential move to China. See our website, get in touch. Invite us to visit, so we can show you how it can be done:  
  Sincerely yours,  
  Anil Kantaria
General Manager
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